The 6 amazing benefits of using the Entracked's free tier


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The 6 amazing benefits of using the Entracked's free tier

Tracking fleet vehicles still has a top priority for all fleet managers, however, as the size of the business increases, more complicated GPS tracking systems are needed. Here Entracked provide an effective free offer:

  • Your first 50k points are always on us
  • 50,000 tracking points
  • 60 Days retention period
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Unlimited number of projects.

We couldn't ignore the time consumed of normal tracking systems , the cost for purchasing tracking devices, the other recoded data that belongs to your business. In this era, technology has provided a ton of new programs and innovative tracking devices that facilitate fleet management and provide detailed data about location history.

So, you as a business owner or working as a fleet manager need to understand the benefits of having a GPS vehicle tracking system for your fleet. There may advantages you could add to your business such as increasing productivity, reducing costs and the best advantage is improving driver safety. Moreover, it promotes simple use of technology to analyze data through continuous tracking systems, to facilitate fleet management, and helps in taking decisions to optimize the business quality.

markus-winkler-3vlGNkDep4E-unsplash.jpg Various programs with different features have been launched with other competitors in the market, however, Entracked is totally different, using it opens up new benefits to your businesses. In addition, it is an easy and simple program to use at a low cost.

But before using Entracked, it is better to do the following steps;

  1. Discuss the benefits of using Entracked; make your employees understand the importance of using the new system in an easy way. Being clear about the purpose of the technology will get employees on board easier and make them accept the idea of changing the current system to a better one.
  2. Let them feel loyalty; some employees think that using the technology will threaten their job, so they may show less care about learning how to use it. Your role to encourage them, and ensure that using new technical programs to support our business, to quicken data collection and best analysis, to improve business operations.
  3. Mention fleet safety; because the safety of drivers is the responsibility of the business owners or partners. With Entracked you could easily monitor and manage your fleet well, decrease the risks. Sometimes, some fleet managers don't tend to use other technology, they think their current program is enough or has all possible features. On the contrary, Entracked will help you to find your location history quicker and in a better way.


If you still hesitate to try Entracked, let us tell you about some features;

  1. Free maintenance cost: Entracked carries the burden of maintaining the system instead of the customer, what is required from users of Entracked or from the fleet manager is to only to use it, not analyze the data, it's our responsibility. In case you need our help, just email our support team and we will help you fix any problems you have.
  2. Easy to use in different programming laguages; Using tool for easy websocket connection, allows you to connect to our platform in any language where is implemented. In addition, you can send updates by using our REST API if sockets is not your preference. There are a variety of multiple features of Entracked you could find and use such as; fetching all your devices, getting a specific device location history, and more. You can check it out in our documentation page .
  3. Save development time; now you could have the location history API quickly and in a simple way through Entracked. It is designed to save your development time and resources with amazing features.
  4. Available access to the dashboard; by using Entracked, no need to review the progress to control your fleet each moment. You can easily access the dashboard to receive the required data. With a simple sign-in way, you could monitor and track your system. Moreover, there is a facility to create a project for each country you are working in.

  5. Low operating cost; we designed Entracked to save your money. So, with simple tools, you could get excellent results and features in comparison with other competitors.

  6. Simple design; using Entracked doesn't need training sessions, it is simple to use it. A similar example, when using a new mobile phone from a famous brand, of course, you will just need time to check the new features, you don't need training on how to use the mobile itself as the person who purchases a mobile phone for the first time in his life. We completely understand that customers demand large-scale, low-complexity systems that require little-to-no training: so that’s what we built.

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